Financial information


Fee structures are complex. The government set Medicare fees in the early 1980’s at a level that recognised the costs of practice, however over the years, there has been an increasing gap between the costs of medical practice, and the Government assigned Medicare scheduled fee.

The Australian Medical Association sets fees that reflect the true costs of medical practice. These fees are now about 2.5 times the Medicare scheduled fee reflecting the ever increasing gap. To further complicate the issue, the government reimburses the patient with 85% of the Medicare scheduled fee that they recommend.

The charges by this practice reflect the complexity of the assessment and the procedure taking in to account correspondence, reporting and aftercare that may not be immediately evident.

For some procedures such as EEG, technological developments and requirements have greatly outstripped Medicare reimbursement resulting in a fee that is closer to the AMA recommended fee.

Current fees:

Full payment for all consultations and tests is requested on the day.   We accept all major credit cards and the Medicare rebate can be directly processed at the time with the refund going to your nominated bank account.

An estimate of the fee can be provided by submitting your referral prior to the consultation.